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At Techkoncept we realize the importance of trainings and continuous education. Our state-of-art trainings ensure that business community get the benefit of highly-qualified individuals. […]


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As technology became more sophisticated with data warehousing and business intelligence applications, the requirement for skilled BI professional escalated. […]




Books provide insight into the unknown and equips one for something new. Our technical books have provided readers- Technical consultants and business users, a step-by-step way to implement solutions. […]




Web Based Software Solutions We take pride in delivering quality services, consistently. Our products can match up to any scale and requirement. Using our industry experience, […]




Learn about upcoming updates in technology and applications by visiting and subscribing to our blogs. These articles will continuously enrich your knowledge on new techniques in BI and IT field. […]


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This is the time to take a step in the right direction. Use your skill and passion to contribute to yourself and to the society. We are here to help. With the right coaching and training, we can help you […]


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Provide resources with skills that would normally be difficult to find

Reduced costs

24X7 operations

Quality above expectation

In-depth expertise in a wide range of technologies

Provide end-to-end implementation of Business solutions



Thanks you very much Chandraish Sinha, You deserve it, This is the best which I have seen for the past 6 months, I’m very new to QlikView, your explanation is so clear. Thanks a lot. I will share this site to all my friends, who are learning QlikView.
A very detailed explanation of development and deployment in QlikView. Keep up the good job. Appreciate it.
Thanks Very much. Very useful
Very useful for those who are novice in Qlik Development.
Brief and awesome explanation on the QlikView Data Modeling. It will surely help developers to gain a better insight on QV modeling best practices. Thanks for the good work!!!
I’m working as an ERP Developer in India. Your articles and tutorials on QlikView are easy for beginners like me and provide deep insights into the technology. Excellent work. I am interested in doing certification, can you please guide me
You are really great!!! Even a layman can understand!
All the topics are easy to understand .Thanks for you. Keep it up my dear friend
I’m working as an ETL Developer in India. Your articles and tutorials on QlikView are easy for beginners like me and provide deep insights into the technology. Excellent work. You’re a champ.
Thank you. It was an awesome explanation on QlikView Development life cycle.
Nicely explained. Very helpful. Appreciate your efforts in sharing your knowledge and helping all of us out.
The orientation session was very helpful and informative. This is an excellent start and we look forward to even more engaging classes. I am sure everyone associated with this batch are equally excited to learn Tableau. Chandraish unique style of teaching and taking the whole class along is really worth mentioning.
Creating different charts was very helpful. It is simple and easy for anyone to understand.
The session was very informative and helped build a solid base for Tableau. While learning any new tool/language it’s essential to have a grasp of the “basics” – which was the focus of this class. Building upon these foundation concepts makes learning simplified for the students, and also helps develop further interest in the subject matter. Thank you for an engaging first class, looking forward to the upcoming learning sessions!
Love your work... Keep it up
Thanks for explaining the easy way to create maps in tableau with good example