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We take pride in delivering quality services, consistently. Our products can match up to any scale and requirement. Using our industry experience, we realize the challenges of running a business to its core, and develop reliable and target-oriented solutions to your satisfaction… thus, ensuring Excellence!

Currently, our solutions include Document Management System, Web Based ERP Software Solution, Web Based Project Management .


Document Management System
Soft.e Dox

Soft.e Dox is a quick & easy solution with flexible parameter based digital document storage and search that retrieves documents as per your memory and […]


Web Based ERP Software Solution
Business Bytes

Business Bytes is a web-based ERP software that ensures access to organised information by streamlining your process flows. […]


Web Based Project Management
Soft.e Trax

Soft.e Trax is a web based comprehensive Project Management Software solution fully capable to support the idea of business by project.[…]

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