Web Based ERP Software Solution

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A business is an on ongoing mechanism; you cannot stick to your office just to keep a close track on a singular activity. Principally, some of your business activities should not come in the way of the rest.

Business Bytes is a web-based ERP software that gives you the freedom to perform other business activities and commitments. Today, much like CCTV display, all business activities can be viewed and monitored in parallel through an ERP software solutions, like Business Bytes. This would help you focus on key business decisions rather than keeping you occupied monitoring routine activities.

Business Bytes is a web-based ERP software that ensures access to organised information by streamlining your process flows. We ensure your business to be fully controlled and you fly wirelessly while your:

  • General ledger
  • Sales
  • Receivable
  • Purchase
  • Payable
  • Assets
  • HR & Pay-roll
  • Reference
  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Gate & Security

are being managed by Business Bytes.


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