Why updating IT skillset is important

IT field is ever changing, new applications are created everyday. Even the older applications have newer versions.
Things learned in the past, need to be revisited so that IT consultants and organizations stay latest.
Since its launch in 2003 Tableau released multiple versions of the applications. Latest being Tableau 10.0
Similarly, QlikView came up with newer versions to fulfill the gaps in the business Area. Latest being QlikView 12.0 and QlikSense.
It is therefore imperative for IT consultants to sharpen their skills to stay relevant in the job market.

How to keep yourself updated

The best way to keep yourself updated is through continuous trainings. With different kinds of training options available. You can take these trainings online at your leisure.

Other way to keep your skills updated is to subscribe to different blogs in your area of expertise.

Join relevant groups on LinkedIn. These groups will have regular postings and if you spend few minutes, you can get quick updates.

Other good way is to write yourself and teach others. What can be a better way of learning than teaching others.

Keep learning.

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